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California Unemployment - Tips and Facts

As a business owner, it is a hard decision to lay-off or furlough employees, but if that action is necessary, the EDD (Employment Development Department) is the employees first point of contact.

Some tips and facts about unemployment:

  • Original unemployment benefits are $40 - $450 per week

  • CARES Act increased weekly unemployment by $600 to $460 to $1,050 per week

  • Unemployment normally is for 26 weeks

  • Unemployment has increased 13 weeks to a total of 39 weeks

  • Reduced hours can still qualify for Unemployment Insurance may be eligible unless you make more than $600 week

  • Furloughed workers qualify for Unemployment Insurance

  • If you choose to take Unemployment Insurance payment via debit card you will see benefits faster (checks will take longer)

  • Have the right to backdate to date out of work

  • If you call EDD, they only answer the phone in the morning (before 12 noon).

  • American Job Center of California – MAYBE make an appointment to ask questions.

Pandemic Unemployment Insurance:

  • Pandemic Unemployment is for gig workers and other self-employed individuals

  • Pandemic Unemployment is similar to regular unemployment insurance

  • Pandemic Unemployment is new and not set-up yet. HAVE PATIENCE (lots of patience)

  • No guidance yet as to how to prove income

  • If you are a gig worker and apply for regular Unemployment Insurance and get denied, you can then file for Pandemic Unemployment Insurance

  • Completely separate application from regular Unemployment Insurance


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