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Focus on Law, Outsource the Finances

The doctor takes care of everyone, who is going to take care of the doctor? The same applies to the lawyers who would work day and night to help their clients to secure justice. But who is going to take care of the lawyer? The good news is that there are now options available for lawyers and law firms to outsource their accounting department and the accounts related matters. With this sort of help, lawyers can make sure they are focused on their job - practicing law.

Why Outsource Your Accounting?

The first good reason is that it allows lawyers to focus on their work. But there are many other benefits. With professionals handling your accounting, you will see consistency, reliability, and accuracy in your accounting matters. As a specialist takes care of the financial matters, you will see yourself performing at your best at what you do best. Here are some benefits of outsourcing your law firm’s accounting.

  • You get consistent and error-free accounting.

  • You get to focus on your business’ core operations – helping clients with legal matters.

  • You get paperless accounting – no more waste of resources and stacks of papers.

  • You get accounting information available at hand, at any time of the day.

  • You get a modern and cutting-edge law firm – something that distinguishes you from the rest in your industry.

  • You get a wide range of services such as payroll and tax management, bookkeeping, budgeting, retirement planning, billing, etc.

Who Should Outsource Their Accounting?


No, seriously, it does not matter if you are a solo practitioner or have a partner or just thinking about starting a new firm, you should consider outsourcing. This way you will save your time and frustration. If you have one or a few pain points below, it’s not too late to outsource.

  • You are sick and tired of spending nights with your Quickbooks file.

  • You are not making estimated tax payments (or you don’t know what we mean by estimated tax payments).

  • You don’t know what the profitability of your firm is or how to increase it.

  • You need to do budgeting and forecast the cash flow but you don’t know where to start.

  • You lose track of licencing and registration renewal or thinking of hiring an employee.

  • You get notices from IRS or EDD (God forbid), you might seriously think of outsourcing your accounting and finances.

Why Legal Thrive?

If you search for virtual accounting services, there are many others out there. The biggest difference with Legal Thrive is that it focuses solely on law firms and lawyers. What this means is that accounting solutions provided by Legal Thrive have been tweaked and tuned to match the exact needs of the law industry. While other virtual accounting services provide a cookie-cutter solution to all their clients, Legal Thrive has chosen only one direction to deliver only the best of its services. We use latest hardware and software technology for our services, deliver a paperless accounting experience to our clients and help law firms grow exponentially by allowing lawyers to focus on the key elements of their business.

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